The JAMstack is a Leading Tech stack

If you're like most people, you've probably used WordPress at some point in your online journey. It's the most popular website platform in the world, and for good reason - it's easy to use and relatively versatile. But I believe that in 2022, JAMstack static-site generators have supplanted WordPress as the right fit for most individuals who host their business or personal site. In this article, I'll explain what JAMstack is and why I think it's a better choice than WordPress for personal websites.

JAMstack is a modern web development architecture that uses JavaScript, APIs, and Markup to build websites and web applications. The main benefit of JAMstack is that it's much more performant than WordPress or other traditional website platforms. JAMstack websites are also typically more secure, it's free, easy to maintain, SEO friendly and it's an emerging technology which means there are lots of new and exciting things happening in the JAMstack world.

Here are eight reasons why you should join the JAM train and abandon WordPress or any other site service you currently use.

It's Free

Yes, you read that correctly: it's free. Aside from registering my domain name, I didn't pay a dime for my site. GitHub and Vercel have allowed me to cease paying for hosting and deployment of my site.

It's Fast

Because your pages are pre-rendered, which means they're generated on deployment rather than on-demand, JAMstack sites load quickly. This is because no database queries or server-side rendering are happening when a user visits your site.

It's Secure

JAMstack sites are more secure than WordPress or other traditional website platforms for several reasons. First, since your pages are static, there is no dynamic content that can be exploited by malicious users. Second, you can use a CDN to further secure your site. And third, JAMstack sites are built using modern security best practices.

It's SEO Friendly

JAMstack sites are inherently more SEO friendly than WordPress or other traditional website platforms because they're built with modern technologies like pre-rendering and the use of a CDN.

It's Easy to Maintain

JAMstack sites are much easier to maintain than WordPress or other traditional website platforms. This is because there is no need to worry about server maintenance, security patches, or database updates.

It's Scalable

JAMstack sites are easily scalable, which means you can handle large amounts of traffic without any issues. This is because JAMstack sites are built using a CDN, which distributes your content across multiple servers around the world.

It's Modern

JAMstack is an emerging technology, which means there are lots of new and exciting things happening in the JAMstack world. If you're looking for a modern web development platform, then JAMstack is the right choice for you.


There are many reasons why I believe JAMstack is the right choice. So If you're thinking about starting a personal website or even creating your consulting agency, when I highly recommend using a JAMstack static-site generator instead of WordPress.

The biggest reason why I moved on from WordPress is that I've had nothing but trouble with the past due to my lack of experience, and that's without even getting into how horrible it is to have a website. The hosting, maintenance, and upgrades were a nightmare, and anything complex was taken care of with a hacked-together WordPress plugin. I'm not saying WordPress is a bad platform - it's just not the right fit for me, and I think there are better options out there for personal websites.

Kimberly Huang
Social Lead

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