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JAMStack is a tech stack that was originally designed for speed, security, and scalability. It stands for Javascript APIs Markup which can be used to create websites with high-performance features in just seconds.

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Why JAMStack?

Advantages of
 using JAMStack


Better Performance

JAMStack is a new way to create user experiences. Pre-rendered sites are fast and easy without expensive infrastructure, so you can enjoy an amazing browsing experience with Jams.



JAMStack sites come automatically with smart caching of pages and resources, serving up everything from a CDN. Continuous deployments are made easy thanks to built-in redundancy which has an incredible load capacity.


Higher Security

JAMStack sites are a hot new website design trend that separates the code from your hosting and database. This makes it much easier to defend against hackers since they can't easily access anything in read-only formats without being detected.



JAMStack sites are rendered during build time. This means that you only need to host a static JAMStack site with an affordable and simple hosting service like Vercel, which doesn't lock in users or their infrastructure needs for any prolonged period.


Cheaper, Easier Scaling

JAMStack sites have a minimal amount of hosting complexity, so you don't need to worry about hosting maintenance or paying for complicated support engineers.


Better Developer Experience

JAMStack sites are made up of a bunch of dynamic, noisy code which is designed to make developers' lives easy. They use React and other hot frameworks in their stacks for fast development times with little overhead or hassle.

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Our picks

There are three key components that every JAMStack has - CMS (content management system), application framework, and hosting. See what we are using for the best results.

Prismic Icon


/ headless CMS

Prismic is an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) that offers features such as reliable, secure APIs and repeaters. Their pricing model makes it affordable for any business.

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/ framework

We use Next.js for handling the heavy lifting, including rendering and bundling of our JavaScript assets while TypeScript helps ensure a reliable build process with minimal errors/warnings.

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/ hosting

We love Vercel, a hosting provider that offers free SSL encryption and asset compression. They also have an edge network for increased proximity to customers as well as caching invalidation capabilities so your site load time stays fast.

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